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Our Lady of the Snows Catholic School is accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association. This accrediting body ensures that Catholic schools meet rigorous requirements in terms of both academic programs and Catholic identity. The requirements of the WCEA guide Our Lady of the Snows Catholic School to assess and strive for continual student improvement. The accrediting guidelines also ensure that academic curriculum incorporates the values taught in the Roman Catholic Church.

Our Lady of the Snows will be undergoing our 6-year accreditation visit in September of 2021 and is actively working with all members of our school community to create a self-study that will guide our school action plan for the following 6 years. The input of all shareholders in our learning community is vital to this process. We are very appreciative of the time and thoughtful input of students, staff, parish members and parent partners in our community discussions, surveys and self-study meetings.

Survey results and our Self Study draft are linked below.  We welcome any feedback you have.  If you have any questions about this process or would like to be included in on-going discussions or meet with our visiting team, please contact our Principal.