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September Menu

Students at Snows may order hot lunch for $6.50 per lunch through Poi Boy Catering.  They will serve hot lunch ‘cafeteria’ style daily and will offer pizza every Wednesday.  Lunches are $6.50 daily.

Ordering is done completely online.  They offer a ‘hot’ option or a ‘cold’ option daily. The ordering process is pretty basic and easy to follow.  Please go to: www.poiboycatering.com  You will see a tab for ‘school lunches’.  Select that tab and it will lead you to the process of creating an account for your student(s).  Just follow the directions to create account and you can order from there.

The menu for each month will be on the web site.  Once you have an account, you can browse through the choices for the month and click on which day/choice you would like to purchase for your student(s). You can order daily/weekly/monthly whichever works best for you.

Once you have ordered, you will be directed to a secure check out page.  You will pay on that page, receive a receipt and a list of the day(s) you ordered will be available to see. They do not store your credit card information on our site, you will need to enter your information each time your order.  They do not offer credit for missed meals; however will work with families if they have special circumstances when possible.

The web site is open until midnight daily for ordering.  If you find you are in need of an emergency meal for the day, please call them before 9AM and they will do their best to make sure your student(s) have a meal. Emergency lunches are $10.00.

If you have questions or problems with the web site or getting an account created, please call anytime and they will help you through the process.

Poi Boy – Denise 775-741-6351   Bobby 775-741-2252

Login in to your account to view the menu. Click below for the Sept menu

September Menu

Please note: in consideration of our students with severe allergies, Our Lady of the Snows is a NUT FREE school. Please do not send lunches, snacks or treats with nuts to school.