Our Lady of the Snows Parochial School

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Are all teachers licensed and credentialed?
Yes. Following the guidelines of the Diocese of Reno, all of our academic teachers are licensed and credentialed.

Are extra-curricular activities offered?
Snows students can participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities ranging from sports through CYO to scouting groups, chess club, youth ministry and service groups and leadership workshops. Opportunities vary and information on what is currently available may be found by contacting our school office or in our weekly school newsletter.

Do I need to be Catholic?
The Catholic faith is integrated into all aspects of our school life, however we do have a number of students who are not Catholic. We welcome families of all faith traditions.

How can parents be involved?
Our Lady of the Snows Schools values parents as the primary educators of their children and partners in our learning community. We hold parent teacher conferences and family nights to create a bridge between home and school and teachers are always available for individual conferences.
There are many opportunities to volunteer within the school and classroom, as well as special projects, school events and field trips. Our school Parents Club welcomes all parents and meets monthly.

How is technology used in the classroom?
Our Lady of the Snows School is committed to the integration of technology in the classroom to enhance student learning. Laptop computers, iPads, iPods, interactive whiteboards and other equipment are available in all classrooms and teachers receive on-going training to make the most of these tools. Our school also has the only Creative Learning Lab in the Diocese. This state of the art facility and program provides STEM based learning projects that engage our students in exciting hands-on opportunities to further develop their understanding and application of current and evolving technology.

Is financial assistance available?
Yes. Financial assistance is available through two different needs-based scholarship options. More information on this may be found under the Admissions heading.

Is Our Lady of the Snows accredited?
Yes. Our Lady of the Snows School is fully accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association.

What if my child has special needs?
Our Lady of the Snows School is committed to meeting the needs of all learners, including high achieving students and those who may require some accommodations. It is important for parents to get to know our school and determine if they believe it is the best fit for their child. Our staff works diligently to provide instruction and support that will help each student reach their highest potential.

What is the typical class size at Our Lady of the Snows School?
We strive to keep class sizes low, especially in our primary grade classrooms. The ratio of students to adults in kindergarten is 15:1. Through grade 4 our class sizes are in the low twenties; grades 5 through 8 have class sizes in the mid to low thirty student range.